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The very best way to travel!

(according to us!)

We like the personal touch when we travel, taking time to soak in the atmosphere, understand the culture and then moving on to the next location. 


We recommend our perfectly paced, beautiful Journey packages or a selection of our holiday modules; there to inspire you. Pick your ingredients, we'll add some of our own and put it together to form an itinerary that you'll love. Intrepid travelers with their own ideas are very welcome to discuss a customized package with us.


TLC’s very local navigators come from a group of close circles, individuals who all share the same gentle aesthetic and passion for their hometowns. Their informal, casual approach comes from an intimate knowledge of their locations and a genuine desire to bring the best of India to you. 



Journey blueprint


Putting you In the map – orientation, overview and the ‘usual’ highlights but in a unique way.


Get Local: find the hidden gems in everyday life, old and new neighbourhoods, social quirks, architecture, favourite native eating establishments, peculiar delicacies… all under the tourist radar.


Into the Tapestry: TLC will introduce and guide you through seasonal highlights and festivals. Avoiding the overwhelming markets, we also handpick local craftsmen, artists, musicians and other creative people whose work and passion will inspire you.   


In Depth: For travelers looking for more, we organize workshops, lectures, walking tours or classes from an hour to a full day with a range of focus points.


Comfort at a comfortable pace. TLC organizes the most scenic, efficient (and fun) way to travel short and long trips. Your modes of transport are part of your India experience. Includes air-conditioned vehicles, the great Indian Railways, bumpy rickshaw rides, camels, horses… and long, leisurely strolls. All travel is included in the cost.



On a TLC tour, come home to accommodation that ranges from the magnificence of a heritage castle to the freedom of a luxury tent and the welcoming warmth of a homely stay. A mix of ‘star ratings’ but with the TLC promise of emphasis on personal service, care, quality and of course, peace and quiet.



Excellent food is an essential part of your holiday experience. We want you to sample that legendary Indian cuisine that is not generally accessible or known to anyone but the ‘insiders’. We want to explain ingredients, technique, heritage recipes. (We also don’t want you getting an upset tummy.)



A perfect balance of pace, depth of experience, the big tourist tick-marks, the very local hubs, interesting ideas, some exercise and informed answers to any question about India.  



Each itinerary has ample time built in to relax, swim, nap, have a drink or read a book. On a stimulating travel route, it is important to take time out to process your new impressions.



We won’t abandon you at a location to let you ‘roam around’ with no direction. In one of the most touristy parts of the world, TLC prefers to be (and insists on being) the buffer between you and a potential con.

Logistical overview



is never

a place,

but a new way

of seeing



Henry Miller

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