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JODPHUR VS THE VILLAGE: Gods, clans and kingdoms

The blue city, the majestic Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpuri fashion and a taste of real royalty.

Tracing its lineage all the way back to the Ramayana, Jodhpur has influenced fashion, travel and food. Walk past the azure blue walls, breathe in the spices, revel in the bustle.

Then leave for the quiet luxury of a palace, three centuries rich in history and tales where a royal family welcomes you. Arrive as a stranger, leave as a friend.


DURATION: We recommend around 4 days.



World Sufi Spirit Festival, yearly in February

Rajasthan International Folk Festival, yearly in October



This trip works well in combination with:

 - Udaipur and a countryside break

 - Jaisalmer and into the desert

 - Jaipur and Pushkar




If you like to combine this trip with the Udaipur trip, we highly recommend a visit to the fantastically located Fort of Kumbhalgarh, on the way... travel by car or on horseback.



Create your own itinerary
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Not included: international travel, alcohol, personal expenses.


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