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FATEHPUR SIKRI AND AGRA: Glorious ghosts of love and loss

World heritage sites that live up to every splendid reputation you were prepared to not fully believe. The must-sees!



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Though the seat of the Mughal Empire for only a decade, Fatehpur Sikri bears the imprint of the wisdom and aesthetics of the legendary emperor, Akbar. An unmatched portal into a grand, noble, generous lifestyle lost to the centuries.


The Taj Mahal will take your breath away. Try and catch the waxing moon reflect on the world’s most tender, heartbreaking, beautiful tribute to a lover lost. Read Mumtaz Mahal’s cenotaph “HELP US OH LORD TO BEAR WHAT WE CANNOT BEAR” and try not to connect it to her death while giving birth to her fourteenth child.

Agra itself is best seen in flashes and glimpses. A dusty, bustling, sometimes overwhelming Indian modernity that TLC will navigate you through.


DURATION: 5 days.



This trip works well in combination with:

 - Delhi - New sides of the old city


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